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Summer Driving Hazards

Summertime presents drivers with unique challenges, such as added traffic from summer vacationers, sun glare and unpredictable weather patterns. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, July and August are the most dangerous driving months of the year. Some summer driving hazards include:
• Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists—Since summer weather allows more people to enjoy outdoor activities, vehicles frequently share the road with joggers, bicyclists and motorcyclists.
• Increased traffic—During the summer months, roads are often more congested due to traveling vacationers and road construction projects.
• Inclement weather—In the summer, heavy rainfall, hail, and high winds are common in some locations.
• Sun glare—Sunshine can cause sun glare and present a challenge for drivers by potentially impairing vision. This issue may be particularly prevalent during early morning and evening hours.
• Intoxicated drivers—The summer months can be a dangerous time for driving because of all the outdoor celebrations and activities, and research shows alcohol-involved crashes and DUIs increase during this season.

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Attracting and Retaining Employees During the Great Reshuffle

The labor market is a bit unpredictable at the
moment. Economists previously warned of a “Great
Resignation,” a time when employees were expected
to quit in record numbers and leave considerable
vacancies in the workforce. This actually happened
somewhat—according to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics (BLS), there were a record number of
resignations at the end of 2021. Although the
number of quits dropped at the beginning of 2022,
the employment market is back to experiencing
record-high quit rates.

This article explains how employers can focus their
attraction and retention efforts to capitalize on this
moment of worker fluidity.

5 Mental Health Employee Benefits Trends for 2022

Mental health has been a hot topic recently, thanks to the
COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, so many
people have experienced issues such as burnout, depression,
anxiety and substance addiction. In fact, 40% of U.S. adults
said they have struggled with mental health or substance
abuse during the pandemic, according to a Jellyvision survey.
In 2022, mental health will continue to be a top concern for
workplaces, and employers are taking notice. Over 30% of
employers have added new mental health benefits within the
past year, according to McKinsey and Company. Yet, despite
increased efforts, nearly 25% of employees still don’t feel
supported when it comes to their mental health.
With that in mind, employers will need to evaluate their
mental health strategies and consider how they can best help
maximize their employees’ overall well-being. To help with
this, employers can consider the following trends that may
influence workers’ mental health in 2022.

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